Detroit, MI Client: Great Lakes Water Authority

OUR PROJECTSDetroit, MI Client: Great Lakes Water Authority

Commencement of Operations: Fall 2015
Capacity: 420 dry tons per day
Contact Info: 313.551.5278
Address: 9125 W. Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, MI 48209
Directions: Google Maps

The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) awarded a contract to NEFCO to design, build, and operate a biosolids processing facility to augment the processing capacity of GLWA’s wastewater treatment plant.  The facility features technologically advanced air pollution, noise, and odor control systems to ensure that NEFCO is a good neighbor to the community.

Benefits from this contract include significant cost savings over the current biosolids management practice, capital cost savings by NEFCO providing dewatering at a significant cost reduction versus a centrifuge capital project that was planned, more efficient staffing, and a facility that greatly reduces impacts to the local community.

NEFCO’s Detroit facility began operations in the fall of 2015 and is currently the largest biosolids processing facility in North America. In March 2017, this facility was awarded a 2017 Gold Award by the ACEC (American Council of Engineering Companies) honoring outstanding professional design excellence. In addition to the Gold Award, NEFCO and design partner, Tighe & Bond, were one of five finalists for the Grand Conceptor Award.