Recycle, Renew, Restore


NEFCO has been a leader in recycling, renewing, and restoring community water and land resources from day one. Our biosolids processing method, using direct-fired rotary drums, produces a beneficial Class A biosolids product that is used in premium fertilizer. This fertilizer goes a long way in renewing the earth to grow healthful feedstock and food crops. By recycling waste into such a safe, rich organic product, NEFCO plays a pivotal role in the wastewater treatment process.

Our end product also can be recycled for use as a solid fuel, displacing the use of coal in other commercial applications. Dried raw sludge, for example, contains 7,500 to 8,000 BTU/lb while digested sludge contains 6,000 to 6,500 BTU/lb. These fuel values are similar to lignite or brown coal but are available for energy production without the environmental impacts of mining and processing.

Today, NEFCO continually pursues its goal to be the most environmentally responsible biosolids partner in the country, expanding biosolids drying into a better, more efficient and affordable process through sustainable energy generation. NEFCO strives to help restore the environment in which we live by safely managing difficult wastewater streams; producing resourcefully recycled fertilizer products; generating clean, renewable energy; and greatly reducing the carbon footprint impacts from municipal wastewater solids management.

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