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Your wastewater staff recommends that you responsibly recycle municipal sludge. What’s next? NEFCO can help you explore the best project procurement options for your situation.

Though there are several project delivery approaches to choose from, NEFCO recommends either a design/build/operate (DBO) or a design/build/own/operate (DBOO) project. With a DBO project, the City or municipal entity owns the facility. This can have important tax and financing advantages.

If public financing is difficult (e.g. due to bonding limits), a DBOO, privately owned and financed facility may be your answer.

Both the DBO and DBOO delivery options can significantly reduce the procurement time compared to a traditional design/bid/build approach. Either of these approaches can save you money and reduce your risks.

From a facility that is designed to lower operations and maintenance costs to final product distribution, NEFCO will work with you to provide the most efficient and cost effective sludge management solution available.

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