NEFCO / MWRA Celebrate 30 Year Anniversary!!!

March 15th marked the 30th anniversary of NEFCO signing its contract with the MWRA to permit, design, and construct our flagship biosolids processing facility in Quincy to transport and process liquid sludge into a Class A biosolids product for beneficial use. 

In the early years of operation of the Quincy facility, liquid sludge loaded at the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant was transported via NEFCO-barges that were towed across Boston Harbor to Quincy. In 2005, the MWRA began conveying its sludge to the facility via underwater pipelines.

Today, 30 years later, NEFCO continues to operate this facility.  This can only be attributed to NEFCO’s stewardship of the MWRA’s asset; preventive maintenance and proper equipment upgrades have resulted in some of the original equipment still being in service. Recently, a third-party engineering company inspected the facility and recommended continuing on with processing biosolids at the Quincy facility, saving the MWRA hundreds of millions of dollars into the future.

This contract was the beginning of NEFCO and a single project turned into a company with six facilities throughout the U.S. This is certainly a day to celebrate.

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