Growing Demand…

In addition to the recent interest in the use of dried biosolids product as a renewable fuel, the demand for the  product as a fertilizer and/or soil conditioner continues to grow.  For example, NEFCO recently signed an exclusive contract with SFS Fertilizer for  purchasing  all Class A Biosolids product (MinneGrow 5-4-0) generated from the Blue Lake Waste Water Treatment Plant at the NEFCO facility in Shakopee, Minnesota.  NEFCO also recently entered into a contract to supply Class AA fertilizer product from the NEFCO operated SWA facility in Palm Beach County to the “South Dade Soil and Water Conservation District” located in Florida City for use in South Florida.  Additionally, product from the MWRA facility in Quincy, Massachusetts is now being bagged and marketed by New England Organics under the “Earthlife” name to markets outside of the MWRA network.

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