Ginny Grace Elected President of NEBRA

Ginny Grace was recently elected as President of the North East Biosolids and Residuals Association (NEBRA) at their Annual Meeting held in November.  Ms. Grace has served on the Board of Directors of NEBRA for the past three years.
According to their bylaws, “NEBRA’s mission shall be to cooperatively promote the environmentally sound recycling or beneficial use of water, wastewater, and other residuals in the Northeast, New England, and eastern Canada.”  A major goal of the organization is to foster cooperation and build partnerships among treatment facilities, government agencies, private corporations, and the general public in the management of biosolids and other residuals.  Another important function of this organization is to promote continuing research on the beneficial use of biosolids and other residuals, and share scientific and technical information, research results, and general knowledge about biosolids and residuals management with Members, local, state, and federal agencies, and the general public.
As President, Ms. Grace  will be the Chief Executive Officer and will preside at all meetings of the Officers of the Association and serve as Chair of the Board of Directors. She will be responsible for inspiring and motivating the Membership, and for providing efficient leadership for the organization for the next year.
Click here for more information about NEBRA.

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